Host unlimited websites across four data centers!

Now it's possible to spread your websites geographically with RS-2 or RS-3 reseller accounts. With only ONE reseller plan (starting $34.95 per month) you can offer end-users "location of your choice" feature. For example, most customers from Europe prefer East Coast US or Munich, Germany, but customers from Asia may prefer Central US (Dallas). Offering Central location (Dallas) in most cases will suit any hosting scenario regardless of customer location.

How does it work?

Please specify primary location of your reseller account during check-out (under "order comments"). By default, all reseller accounts being setup in Dallas, TX or Scranton, PA. As soon as you receive welcome email, please request additional free reseller accounts in other data centers.

How much disk space will I receive?

Plenty: 160 GB in RS-2, 240 GB in RS-3 and 500 GB in RS-4. Your disk space and bandwidth will be split across data centers. For example, if you order RS-3 hosting plan, you can setup one account in Dallas (100 GB), one in Scranton (100 GB) and the other one in Munich (40 GB). You can specify custom reseller partitions during via 24/7/365 support desk:

Can I automate account setup?

Certainly. RS-2, RS-3 and RS-4 reseller hosting plans are coming with free WHMCS billing control panel where you can manage all data center locations. Installation is free of charge (including 256bit SSL).

Is it possible to host one website in four data centers simultaneously?

We had never used DNS on the hosting server (for extra redundancy), so it's technically impossible. You can host one website per location.

Awesome deal! I have two reseller accounts with WestNIC. Am I eligible for upgrade?

Of course. Unfortunately, we offer only one reseller "mega pack" per customer at this time. We're working hard in order to remove such limits. Please note that account reset will cost one time fee of $25. Data will remain on the same server, however, we have to rebuild server pool, assign IPs, change DNS settings, account settings, adjust reseller privileges and so on. Please allow at least 72 hours for account upgrade.

Can I setup my primary reseller account in Germany?

Of course, but features and SLA (uptime) guarantee will be slightly different. For example, we provide plain cPanel without RVskin and Fantastico in Germany (however, great script installer "Softaculous" and RVsitebuilder is available on German servers).


At this time we can offer only one RS-2 or RS-3 per customer.

WestNIC provides professional reseller web hosting solutions since August 2002. If you have any questions regarding our reseller plans, please contact us at any time: 1-800-438-0260 ext.2 or 1-212-671-1942. We will be proud to serve you!

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