IP (IPv4) Policy

As you likely know, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) received its last IPv4 allocation from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) in February 2011. In an effort to extend the availability of IPv4 address space, ARIN has begun requiring providers like WestNIC to provide more rigorous justification for requests of additional IPv4 address allocations. How to request dedicated IPv4 from WestNIC:

How to request dedicated IPv4 from WestNIC:

1. Please submit separate ticket to support.westnic.net with domain name (added via WHM, no cPanel addons accepted) or list of domains. Each additional IP will cost $2.00 per month with no setup fee. German IPs are priced at 2.00€ per month with no setup fee too.
2. Provide a reason how would you use it. Please keep in mind that your IP request will be logged in ARIN data base, so please justify IP usage. Bad reason: conservation / IP reservation, SEO, mailing campaign, anonymous FTP etc. Your request may be refused.

These manual reviews will take additional time, depending on the size and complexity of request, as well as the quality of information provided. Normally, IP request should be fulfilled within 2 business days. Your patience is appreciated.

IPv6 IP requests

At this time WestNIC offers IPv6 to dedicated customers without cPanel/WHM. Unfortunately, cPanel and most other ISPs do not support IPv6 routing yet. You can check your ISP for IPv6 compatibility here: test-ipv6.com. IPv6 are priced at $3.00 per month per /64 IPv6 Block (over 18,445,618,199,572,250,625 dedicated IPs). IP justification isn't needed for IPv6 because anyone can utilize virtually unlimited IPs without worry.

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