We have used Westnic since 2008 and are extremely pleased. We happen to be a technology challenged company; the patience, knowledge and availability that Westnic offers is incredible. The products, services and technology Westnic offers is superior to the competition. Thank you Westnic for being there for us when we need you!

Ken B.
Integrated Insurance Agency
Employer Resources Inc.

I moved my reseller account to Westnic in 2012. Since then my Google PR has increased (5 now!) and SEO bar in Google Chrome reports "Very fast" page load speed. There was no downtime for 18 months in a row. Highly recommended.

John R., Washington D.C. (PRO Reseller)

Hello, I would just like to say thank you so much for having an online live person (Jeff). I know the cost of this is not cheap cause also offer this on my website. I could not begin to tell you how much help I have got from (Jeff) in the last 2 days. The last account i had also had live help but all they knew was send a support ticket. My website is a business to me and sometimes I need help now! Not 24 hours from the time a problem starts. Problems this can cause things like lost sales, search engine placement and more. Again thanks so much and give Jeff a BIG pat on the back because he makes your company look GREAT! Thanks Jeff.

John Lambert
Lambert's Home Services, LLC
Customer since 2003

...That helped a lot! You guys are the best support staff I've ever come across! I'll recommend your hosting services to everyone!

Thanks again!

My friend referred me to WestNIC.net few weeks ago. I've recently transferred 10 HUGE websites from DellHost and when I had some stupid questions "how do I" and "how do we" - the answers were quick and helpful. I still can't believe this company operates with only 11 staff members! And I can host all my big websites for only 6 USD per month!! Keep up the great work!

Many thanks to Mike, Russell and Jeff :)


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